Start and End Points: から and まで

When learning Japanese, understanding the nuances of particles is essential. Among the many particles in the language, から (kara) and まで (made) are particularly important for indicating the starting and ending points of actions, events, and locations. Mastering these particles will significantly enhance your ability to describe durations, distances, and timeframes in Japanese. This post will provide a comprehensive explanation of から and まで, complete with examples to illustrate their usage.

から (Kara) - Indicating the Starting Point

The particle から (kara) is used to indicate the starting point of an action, event, or location. It can be translated to "from" or "since" in English.


にほんご の じゅぎょう は 9じ から です。 - The Japanese class starts from 9 o'clock.

きのう から あめ が ふっています。 - It has been raining since yesterday.


おおさか から とうきょう まで でんしゃ で いきます。 - I will go by train from Osaka to Tokyo.

ここ から えき まで あるいて 15ふん です。 - It's a 15-minute walk from here to the station.


かぜ から がっこう を やすみました。 - I was absent from school because of a cold.

まで (Made) - Indicating the Ending Point

The particle まで (made) is used to indicate the ending point of an action, event, or location. It can be translated to "until" or "to" in English.


じゅぎょう は ごご 3じ まで です。 - The class is until 3 PM.

あした までに この しりょう を だして ください。 - Please submit these materials by tomorrow.


ここ から えき まで あるきます。 - I will walk from here to the station.

Extent or Limit

べんきょう は もう じょうぶ まで しました。 - I studied up to my strength/ability.

この かわ は 2メートル まで あります。 - This river is up to 2 meters deep.

Combining から and まで

In many cases, から (kara) and まで (made) are used together to describe a range, whether in terms of time, distance, or another measurable extent.


がっこう は 8じ から 3じ まで です。 - School is from 8 o'clock to 3 o'clock.

げつようび から きんようび まで しごと が あります。 - I have work from Monday to Friday.


とうきょう から きょうと まで しんかんせん で いきます。 - I will go from Tokyo to Kyoto by bullet train.

いえ から スーパー まで くるま で 10ぷん です。 - It's a 10-minute drive from home to the supermarket.

Event Duration

えいが は ごご 2じ から 4じ まで です。 - The movie is from 2 PM to 4 PM.

パーティー は よる 7じ から 10じ まで です。 - The party is from 7 PM to 10 PM.

Tips for Using から and まで

Order Matters: Always place から (kara) before まで (made) when describing a range.

Flexibility: These particles can be used in various contexts beyond just time and place, such as reasons and extents.

Practice: Incorporate these particles into your daily conversation practice to become more comfortable with their usage.

Understanding and using から (kara) and まで (made) correctly will allow you to convey precise information about starting and ending points in Japanese. Whether you’re talking about time, location, or other ranges, these particles are indispensable tools in your Japanese language toolkit. By studying the examples and tips provided in this post, you’ll be well on your way to mastering these essential particles.