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Welcome to TsukiGakkou! Here, we provide a pathway to guide you on your journey through the Japanese language and culture. You'll have access to tools and posts to keep you on the right track and motivated to learn more about Japanese culture and customs.

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By clicking on "Dashboard," you'll be taken to the login area. To log in, you'll need a Patreon account, whether you're a subscriber or not. If you log in with a Patreon account, even if you're not a subscriber, you can use promotional codes, including the famous beta user codes.

We provide these beta user codes to help spread the word about our site and to offer you, the skeptical user, a little treat while we pick your pocket. As you can imagine, this code gives you access to our subscriber panel, etc. But please read our terms of use; we reserve the right to cancel these subscriptions as the site matures.

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Ah, you can find these codes at the end of this post! Every day, there may be a chance to have new codes available, so if you really want to be a Pokémon trainer, you'll have to work hard to catch yours. To use your code? Just click here!

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Here, you can see that there are several paths to take, but for new users, it's always advisable to take it slow, one farm at a time, without rushing into the lane spamming skills. So click on "Continue my Studies" in the "Lesson" area. You're encouraged to access this same path daily because with each lesson, you're automatically paving the way to meet that dream Japanese crush. Yes, I know everything...

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As you can see, we've got everything ready, all available here and calibrated according to the lesson and its corresponding level. All done with care and love by your dear senpai, but that's not all; at the end of each lesson, we even provide a memorization tool, also known as 'anki' in Japanese.

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We highly recommend incorporating Anki into your daily routine! There's no room for slacking off; while you may scroll through your social media daily without a second thought, here, in this context, you are the focus. Think of it as an investment in your learning journey. To truly enhance your understanding of the Japanese language, consistent and frequent use of this tool is essential!

We have reached the final moments of our journey among the 12 houses, and you still haven't decided? Well then, go with God, because what I did here is beautiful! You ungrateful one! What? Did you think I was going to beg? It's you who has to fight to keep your dream alive!

No matter the tool, your results will depend solely on you. What we do here is try to keep you focused and equipped with quality tools. It's all very practical, online, and without worrying about complex configurations.

So, grab a code below and welcome... Your journey to the beaches of Okinawa begins here.