Welcome to TsukiGakkou, your gateway to mastering the Japanese language with ease and practicality. At TsukiGakkou, we're committed to providing an immersive and accessible learning environment, free from any licensing complications. Our mission is clear: to bring an ambient practicality to Japanese language learning, ensuring that every learner has everything they need to study Japanese in a convenient and efficient manner.

In addition to our suite of original tools and functionalities developed in-house at TsukiGakkou, we proudly integrate open-source resources to enrich your Japanese language learning experience.


KanjiVG is an open-source project providing scalable vector graphics of Japanese characters. Released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license, KanjiVG grants users the freedom to use, modify, and distribute its content, provided the original copyright notice is retained. This license ensures transparency and collaboration within the developer community while safeguarding the rights of contributors.

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JMdict-EDICT Dictionary Project

The JMdict (Japanese-Multilingual Dictionary) and EDICT (Japanese-English Dictionary) projects offer extensive lexical databases crucial for Japanese language learners. These projects operate under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA) License (V4.0). This license permits users to adapt and share the database under the condition that proper attribution is given and any derivative works are shared under the same license terms. Adhering to the CC-BY-SA License ensures that our usage of these resources aligns with legal requirements and fosters a culture of collaborative knowledge sharing.

Project Site


KanjiColorizer is a script designed for coloring, resizing, and renaming stroke order diagrams sourced from the KanjiVG project. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the creation of sets that can easily integrate stroke order diagrams into an Anki kanji deck. However, these colorized diagrams can be utilized for various purposes beyond Anki.

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